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LAVA's is a family business owned by John                                                          and Johnny LaVanish.  Since the business                                                       began in 1999 it has steadily grown.  We                                                     are now a shop of five employees serving                                                          four insurance companies as a Direct repair                                                    shop.  While we may not be on the list of                                                      preferred shops of your insurance company,                                                            don't let that deter you.  Be assured we offer the same Lifetime Warranty and high quality repairs as our competitors. 

As a small shop in an older building, we have the inherent advantage of a low cost business.  We don't have to make enormous profit to pay enormous overhead payments.  We have the same modern equipment as any other shop, and we can do the same repairs as any other shop, but at a cost savings to you.    

Please browse our site, see the "Before and                                                    After" photos and check out some of the                                                                  "Project" cars we've done over the years.                                                              Read the "About us", especially if you're                                                             curious about that odd "LAVA" name.


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Serving Central Pennsylvania since the 1900s